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THE BOLD PROS is an online Directory and source of information that will help you make better decisions in choosing Professionals Services. The Directory provides you with detailed listings describing the services and experience of a wide array of Professional Service Providers who are Seasoned Professionals that bring vast life and work experience to what they do. Most BOLD PROS are 50 years BOLD, or BOLDER, and have a minimum of 25 years of experience!

Our focus is to provide a Directory to help you choose skilled, fine, PROS to help you be healthier, wealthier, and wiser.

THE BOLD PROS is all about experienced, healthy, Seasoned Professionals who provide outstanding Personal Services.

Our directory, tools, and resources are FREE to you, with no membership or fees required.


THE BOLD PROS is a Professional Network created in August 2015 that uses Online Presence to connect Seasoned Professionals and to support them in their business and life.

If you are working and planning to continue to work, want new clients, patients, customers, and/or are interested in creating and co-¬≠creating new ventures, or working on community/volunteer projects, and want to form incredible new relationships, ...

Then THE BOLD PROS is for you.

Our focus is to provide a Directory for you to promote your business/practice to potential clients/patients customers locally and globally and/or make Professional connections for joint ventures.

As of today our core membership is 100 PROS in Toronto, Ontario and 20 more across North America. We plan significant expansion in 2017.

If this description of who we are, what we do, how we do it, and what is important to us, resonates with your needs and wants, you can find out more and join for FREE.

To join simply click the "Join Us" button.  We'd love to get to know YOU.

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